Eyfells and Eyfells: Kristin Eyfells

Kristin Halldórsdóttir Eyfells was born and raised in Iceland. She is a graduate of The Commercial College of Iceland. In 1947, she graduated from The Rudolph Schaefer School of Design in San Francisco, California. Kristin also studied psychology and art for some time at Hofstra College, Long Island, New York. In 1962, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and in 1963 was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, both from the University of Florida in Gainesville.  Kristin H. Eyfells has taken part in several group exhibitions in the United States, Iceland and Denmark. Kristin married Johann Eyfells in 1949. They agree that the art they create has little in common except that it is made by a husband and wife. But both are similar in their strong impact.
"eternally reversionary"
Kristin paints oversized, brightly colored, close-cropped faces of well-known celebrities, chosen from the arts, entertainment and political arenas.  Her subjects include such figures as Barbara Bush, Bill Cosby, and Greta Garbo as well as Winston Churchill, Bertrand Russell and Sean Connery, to name only a few. 
"thought is creation and painting is thought"
As explained in an essay by Francis Martin, Jr., Ph.D. curator at the University of Central Florida, Kristin deepens her understanding of each subject by studying biographical materials, however her interests lie strongly in the de-contextualized, larger-than-life close-up of eyes, ears, nose, and mouth to fill the oversized canvases. Her portraits are relentlessly consistent as she translates each line and shadow in the face into a myriad of vivid colors and shapes.  Her methods act to reverse the mass-cultural image of each figure by applying "stage make-up" not to cover up imperfections, but to accentuate them.