Kristin Halldorsdottir Eyfells

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Kristin’s demise was slow paced,  hovering for three years. Yet death always carries the shroud of finality that settles over everything, creeps into each corner of our heart and places once shared.
It is the forbidding door, the block, the halt, the STOP.
No more soft breaths upon her husband’s cheek, no more raucous laughter and twinkly smiles,
No more of anything,
And yet,
The blessing remains
and lives
with her passion poured
into her work
her commitment
her persistence
her determination
and guts

The drive to work
not waiting for
just going
and working and
in her work.
Living and loving and working
and as such, parted
some of her own vision
and her strength
before she weakened,
before she sank

Even then,
As she yielded to the
Long Peace
she lives on
in the eyes…
especially the eyes,
and hatch marks
and semicolons
and laugh lines
of her world
the eccentric, delightful world
of Kristin Eyfells
She chose the eyes
perhaps to see
to probe to look
onward, inward
she painted eyes
that demand
that cajole
that face and force
they will not be stilled
they endure
they call
and recall

eyes of purpose
eyes of vision
and upward
eyes to endure
eyes to love
eyes to return to
eyes to learn…

Lorraine Benini
July 20, 2002