The Great Move

"The shipments originated in Iceland and Orlando, Florida with its final destination about 15 miles west of Johnson City on Highway 290 to what promises to be another cultural stronghold for the area."

- Johnson City Record Courier, Kimberly Staton

After purchasing a 10 acre ranch, site unseen, Johann Eyfells began the enormous task of moving his and his wife's life's work to the Texas Hill Country. View exciting photographs taken during the first delivery of one hundred and ten tons of sculpture trucked in from Florida and Houston last week to its final destination just west of Johnson City, Texas. The massive shipment was planned and conducted under the direction of Mr. Leif Kristjansson of IS Exposition Services, Inc. Mr. Kristjansson, who oversaw the operations of the trucks and crew, is also the president of the Icelandic Association of Florida.

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